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Customer Care

Our policy ensures customer's are treated with the utmost respect and friendly staff. Customer feedback ensures we are achieving our customers standards and helps us identify any areas we may need to rectify. 

Our staff are constantly replying to feedback and enquiries so that every email sent to us receives a timely response. 

Privacy & Safety

At ITF TKD Approved your private information is not shared with third party organizations and is only used to ship products. All personal information is saved within our previous ordered information so that if you place another order through us we have your details. However, this information is never shared or given to other parties. 


Club Enquiries

Any International Taekwon-Do Federation Australian National Association member who has their own registered club within the organization, will be granted discounts from our company. For more information please fill out a form on the contact us page. 

We look forward to helping your club ! 

Payment Methods
Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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